Sir i am giving some principles for diciding profession based on booklet of shri Hardeo sharmaji and elaborated by Rao Sahab and published in Journal of Astrology
step first :- Initially, examine the 10th house from the lagna and the planets and aspects of planets on it.
step2:- Now take the 10th lord and again examine the planets associated with it and aspects on it.
step3:- finally,see the navamsha lord of the 10th lord from lagna in the birth horoscopr and also the navamsha. Blend all the these and see the significations given under the key-planets
if key planet is SUN:- profession will be sale/purchase of medicine,grains,gold/etc
Moon:- profession will be sale/purchase of Articles to and from royalty,cloths,watery products etc
MARS:- profession will be relate to fightinh ,fire,metals,contractors work gambling etc
MERCURY:- poetry jounalisam classical media etc
Jup:- teaching banking and financial activity etc
VENUS:- vehicles, jewels milk products cattle amorous occupation etc
SATURN:- communication transport, low quality sculpture, slaugherer, wood etc
Ramesh Aggarwal