Charts to be analysed


D1, D9, D10. Additionally we can analyse D2 for wealth/prosperity




Shira Karaka - Saturn - Service ,

Jupiter - Significator of 11H as well as karaka of wealth

Mercury - Karaka for business

10/11 L

Navamsha lord of 10L

Jaimini Karaka AmK

Additionally we can analyse Venus to see wealth


Analysis to be made


1.             10H/11H from  to be analysed from Lagna as well as from stronger of Sun and Moon

2.             10H from Saturn for service

3.             11H from significator of 11H i.e Jupiter

4.             Bhavatbhavam of 10H/11H (7H/8H)

5.             AmK and 10/11H from AmK

6.             10/11 L in different houses

7.             Planets in visible/invisible half

8.             Panets/houses influencing 11H/11L in source of income

9.             Connection of 10H/L with 11H/L in profession.  Whether there shall always be connection of 10H/L with 11H/L in all cases where an individual is having a profession/source of income

11.          What is the role 11H/L when there is multiple source of income ?

12.          Ups and downs in career/income - What is the relationship with 11H/L ?




1.             Vimshottari - Dasha of 10/11L/Plantes influencing 10/11H/L (from L &  Moon)

2.             Jaimini - Dasha of 10/11 H sign from Lagna/AmK




1.             Saturn, Jupiter and 10/11L at the time of earning


Books which can be used other than classics


1.             Astrology of Professions - Col. Gour

2.             Ups and downs in career - Shri. K.N. Rao Sir

3.             Planets and Education - Shri. Naval Singh